How to remove stains from colored clothes?

A small stain can completely mess up your clothes and your appearance. So, you have to be very careful while dealing with your clothes.

Unavoidable stains, such as makeup, sweat, perfume, grease, and accidental curry spills, can be removed fully and leave the garments just purchased from the store. Keep one thing in mind: stain removal is different from one cloth type to another.

Chemicals and products for stain removal should be chosen carefully. Biggmans presents a beautiful collection of colorful hoodie and walking suits that are worth your attention for the color patterns and the quality of materials. Removing stains from these colorful set of clothes is not a big deal. Let's read on to learn how to remove stains from colored clothes. 

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Importance of washing clothes after every use

Washing clothes after every use is a good idea because you might have stains left behind from perfume usage or sweat, particularly in the underarm area. Stains like grease, food, or color stains should be considered immediately as these stains can penetrate deep into the fabric and stay permanently. Biggman's colorful collection of clothes needs good attention and care while stains are removed. Here, we discuss how to remove stains from colorful clothes. 

Why does color run while washing?

The most common reason to get color run from your favorite colored clothes might be the use of loose or colorfast dye. While washing clothing by hand or washing machine, high temperature is used, which can intensify color run. You can avoid this situation easily by following the washing rules made for your clothes. Wash bright and dark clothes separately at low temperatures and with cold water. 

Protecting clothes from dye transfers

Dye transfer is one of the most common issues that people face. It involves color transferred from one cloth to another neat one. But you can resolve this situation with careful washing practices. Strictly follow the washing instructions given on the label. Some clothes may need low temperatures or separate washing cycles. Always wash dark and light clothes separately to reduce the chances of dye transfer. Clothes with a dye transfer history should be washed separately in a bucket. Once the washing cycle is over, dry them precisely because a small wet can end up with your clothes with color transfer later on. 

Removing stains from colored clothes

Found a stain on your favorite dress? Don't worry; we have proven solutions to resolve the stain issue. The stain removal process has been categorized according to the apparel's fabric, type, and color. 

Removing stains from white silk and satin clothes 

Silk and satin fabrics are delicate to handle. Treat these fabrics with mild liquid detergent. Pour 3-4 drops of liquid detergent, rub the area gently with your fingers and leave for 30 minutes. Wash the stained area with plain cold water. If the stain is not too hard, it will go out in one wash; if not, repeat the process. Stains with colored satin or silk clothes should be treated with lemon or vinegar on the stain and leave for 30 minutes. Once you have done the process, wash the whole cloth. If the clothes are white colored, then utmost care and gentle handling are necessary. Choose mild detergents for washing, and check the garment care label in the apparel to know the type of water needed for the fabric. Proper drying is essential for washing clothes for extended use. Silk or satin clothes with stains should be dried under the shade. When storing, keep dark and light garments separate. 

Removing stains from chiffon, cotton, and georgette clothes 

To remove stains from white-colored clothes of these fabrics, you have to use bleach and soak the clothes in it. Ensure you are using a good quality bleach to avoid damage to the fabric. Don't use bleach to take out color stains from colored clothes. If you follow a regular washing pattern, then you will find the stains going away. When you have finished washing, dry the garment under bright sunlight or use a dryer. 

To remove stains from colored clothes made of fabrics like chiffon, cotton, and georgette, use any liquid detergent and rub with fingers. Leave the clothes for 15 minutes. Hold the stained clothes under running water and have the stains disappear. If the stains are too hard to remove, make a solution using half a bucket of lukewarm water, two spoons of detergent, and 1 cup of vinegar. Soak your colored clothes in the solution for 50 minutes. Please take out the clothes after 50 minutes and put them in the machine for washing. Once the washing is complete, dry them in partial shade. 

Removing stains from nylon and polyester clothes 

Using a color catcher in your washing machine is wise to remove stains from polyester and nylon clothes. Use a good laundry detergent and put the clothes in the machine. Once the wash cycle is complete, dry the clothes under partial shade. To remove stains from colored clothes of these fabrics, then prepare a vinegar solution. Take two tablespoons of water and three tablespoons of vinegar and mix well. Pour this solution on the stained area and rub using your fingers. Leave it for 20 minutes. Use cold water to wash the stained area, and if the stains remain as they are, pour four drops of detergent on the area and rub it. Wash the clothes using a regular wash cycle program and with a quality liquid detergent. Once the wash cycle is complete, put the clothes under partial sunlight to avoid color fading.


Consider the tips mentioned above to solve your stain issues on your colored clothes. Use a good color catcher and quality detergent for all these processes. Keep buying colorful garments without worrying about color fade or stains. Enjoy using your favorite colorful clothes for years.