What are the diffirence of 3D printing set?


In today's fashion world, clothing printing technology is constantly being innovated, especially 3D printing technology, which has attracted widespread attention for its unique three-dimensional effect and innovative design. Are you curious about the difference between 3D printing sets and common printing sets? How does it bring revolutionary changes to clothing? Next, we will explore the significant differences between 3D printing sets and ordinary printing sets, and elaborate on the advantages of 3D printing technology, revealing how This type of technology has become the new favorite of the fashion industry.


What is 3D printing technology?

The process of 3D imprinting is predominantly grounded in digital imprinting techniques. Utilizing computer-assisted design (CAD) applications, creators draft their patterns which are subsequently rendered onto garments with a specialized 3D imprinting apparatus. Such machinery employs exclusive inks and printing nozzles to layer ink atop the fabric, thereby crafting a three-dimensional graphic outcome.

3D printing set

Extensively embraced within the realm of fashion, 3D imprinting finds particular application in sectors such as premium tailored attire, theatrical costumes, and distinctive apparel with visual impact. Artisans harness this technology to conceive one-of-a-kind fashion pieces, amplifying the garments' visual allure and creative finesse.


The difference between 3D printed sets and ordinary sets


  • Production process


Ordinary printing sets usually use traditional techniques such as screen printing, transfer printing or direct printing. It is necessary to make a screen plate or use transfer paper, and then print the pattern on the clothing.

The process is relatively mature, but the technical requirements for workers are relatively high.

3D printing sets use 3D printing technology to make patterns by stacking special 3D printing materials layer by layer. The printing process is controlled by a computer, and complex patterns and shapes can be accurately produced. The technology is relatively new and the requirements for equipment are high.


  • Cost


Due to the mature technology and wide application, the cost of ordinary printing sets is relatively low. It is setable for large-scale production and the price is relatively cheap. However, 3D printing sets are usually more expensive due to the high cost of technology and equipment. setable for high-end market and small batch customization.


  • Applicable occasions


3D printing sets are usually used in high-end markets, such as fashion shows, special events or personalized customization. This type of set is more setable for consumers who pursue uniqueness and fashion sense than ordinary printing sets. Ordinary printing sets are setable for daily wear and mass market, as well as various activities and occasions, especially cost-sensitive consumers.


After understanding the difference between these two sets, are you curious whether the more expensive 3D printing set is worth choosing?


What are advantages of 3D printing sets?


  • Visual effect


The pattern of ordinary printing sets is flat and lacks three-dimensional sense. The colors of This type of set may be brighter, but the pattern effect is relatively single. 3D printing technology can create patterns with height and depth on clothing, and even produce relief effects to make the pattern more vivid. For example, the 3D printed set in the picture provide a strong sense of three-dimensionality and visual impact. This three-dimensional effect makes the pattern seem to jump out of the surface of the clothing, bringing a unique fashion experience to the wearer. 



  • Environmental protection


Environmental protection depends on the materials and processes used. The materials used in 3D printing sets are mostly environmentally friendly, and there is less waste in the production process. This type of set is more in line with the needs of modern consumers for sustainable development. Ordinary printing sets may use chemicals in the production process, which will produce a certain amount of waste.


  • Personalization and innovation


3D printing sets provide greater design freedom and can create unique patterns. This type of set is setable for showing the innovation and personality of designers. The pattern design of ordinary printing sets is relatively traditional, and the innovation space is limited. It is setable for the public taste and easy to be widely accepted.


  • Vivid and long-lasting colors


The ink and materials used in 3D printing ensure the vividness and durability of the pattern colors. Even after multiple washes, the 3D printed pattern can maintain its original color and texture, and is not easy to fade or wear.



  • Detailed expression


3D printing technology can finely express the details of the pattern, and even the smallest design elements can be clearly displayed, which is difficult to achieve with traditional printing technology.


The advent of 3D imprinting has ushered in a transformative era within the fashion realm, characterized by its distinctive depth in visual presentation, pioneering design liberties, adaptability in bespoke tailoring, enduring vibrancy of hues, and an eco-conscious manufacturing methodology. Compared with conventional printed ensembles, 3D printing set surpasses in amplifying the aesthetic and commercial prestige of garments, while also aligning with the contemporary shopper's quest for distinctiveness, individualized options, and environmentally responsible practices.


As technological advancements continue to refine the process and economic viability is increasingly realized, it is anticipated that 3D printing set will emerge as a favored choice in the vogue arena, propelling a novel direction for the apparel sector. Such a development transcends a mere technological milestone; it exemplifies an exemplary fusion of vogue aesthetics with a pioneering mindset. Our brand is Biggmans. There are many 3D printing set on our website. If you are interested, you can go to the website to view the detailed categories. Thank you for your continued support, we are offering you a discount code Backinks60, which can be used on any purchase of products on our website.