Skulls have become a ubiquitous symbol across pop culture, appearing on everything from t-shirts to jewelry to home decor.


This article will explore the history and evolution of skull imagery, examine what skull fashion says about the people who wear it, and examine why retailers like Biggmans carry skull-adorned products.

Skull clothing

History of Skull Imagery


Skulls have been prominent in worldwide cultures dating back thousands of years.


In ancient Mexico, skulls were essential in Aztec and Mayan religions and art. They were seen as symbols of death and sacrifice and decorated sculptures, pottery, and temple walls.


In ancient Rome, human skulls were frequently depicted in mosaics and carvings. Skulls represented the theme of "memento mori," reminding people of their mortality and seizing the day.


Since the early days of punk rock, goth culture, and biker gangs, skulls have had an edgy, rebellious connotation. These groups use skull imagery to convey a transgressive aesthetic and philosophy.


Human Fascination with Mortality


A significant reason why skull imagery has maintained popularity across cultures and eras is its representation of human mortality. The skull is a memento mori, Latin for "remember you must die." It reminds us of the inevitability of death, no matter one's status or wealth in life.


Wearing skull jewelry or clothing serves as a personal memento mori. The wearer embraces their mortality and chooses not to shy away from it. Skull fashion allows people to feel empowered in the face of death's inevitability. Rather than live in denial, they accept it as a natural part of existence.


Edgy Aesthetic


Skull imagery is often associated with an edgy or dark aesthetic. Wearing skull designs allows people to tap into a grunge, rebellious style. The skull has become a symbol of countercultures going against the mainstream. For many, wearing skull clothing is a form of self-expression and projects a sense of edginess.


Skulls give off a vibe of danger and mystery, which appeals to people drawn to darker alternative lifestyles and fashion. Skulls project toughness and nonconformity, allowing for an edgy style.



Fashion Statement


Skull imagery has become a bold fashion statement, allowing people to express their style. Skulls are now commonly worn as fashion accessories, including jewelry, handbags, shoes, and clothing items like shirts and hats.


For many, wearing skull accessories is simply an aesthetic choice and a way to cultivate an edgy look. Skull motifs allow people to appear dark, daring, and rebellious. The skull print makes a strong fashion declaration that the wearer has an unconventional and bold sense of style.


People incorporate skull jewelry, clothing, and accessories into their style. For some, skulls mix well with punk, goth, biker, or rocker aesthetics. Others enjoy contrasting a dark skull motif with femininity. Skull accessories allow for self-expression and displaying personality through fashion choices.


Popularity in Mainstream Culture


Skull imagery has exploded in popularity over the last few decades, becoming a common motif in mainstream media and culture. The surge in favor of this trend can be attributed to its endorsement by celebrities, influencers, and major fashion brands.


Skull aesthetics have been embraced by many high-profile celebrities like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry, who frequently incorporate skulls into their music videos, concerts, and personal fashion. Skulls often appear in edgy designer collections modeled on the runway.


On television and in movies, skull imagery conveys danger, rebellion, and a sense of dark calm. Skull graphics are typical in video games, comic books, and youth-oriented shows.


Target Markets


Skull imagery and fashion resonate most strongly with particular demographics and subcultures. Some key target markets for skull style include:


- Youth Culture - Many teens and young adults are drawn to skulls to express their rebellious spirit and edgy aesthetic. Skulls allow them to feel independent, defiant, and separate from mainstream culture. For young people, wearing skull fashion can be a rite of passage.


- Music Fans - Punk, rock, and heavy metal fans often embrace skull imagery as part of their affiliation with the music scene. Band t-shirts and accessories featuring skulls tie them to the gritty, hardcore vibe of their preferred genres. It visually identifies them as part of a musical subculture.


- Bikers - For many bikers, skulls represent freedom, risk-taking, and edgy rebellion. Biker jackets, shirts, and accessories adorned with skulls are popular within motorcycle culture. Skulls help create their tough, anti-establishment image.


Gender Differences

Skull imagery and accessories have traditionally been more prevalent among men than women. It may be partly due to skull symbols having associations with danger and rebellion, characteristics more embraced historically by male fashion and style.


There are also differences in skull aesthetics targeted for men versus women. Men's skull jewelry and shirts often feature realistic human skulls or bold graphic designs. Women's skull accessories tend to have a softer, more delicate, or whimsical style, like skull pendants encrusted with crystals.


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