Men's Ombre Art Plus Size Gentleman Business Polo Zipper Shirt and Pants Two-piece Set

Type:  Long Sleeve Shirt
Color:  Dark Blue
Size:  L


The plus size men's business polo zipper shirt and trousers two-piece set is a men's clothing series suitable for business occasions. The collection features plus-size designs to provide a tailored fit for men with plus-size bodies.
The Polo zipper shirt is a staple of the collection. Its unique design combines the traditional Polo collar with a zipper slit, combining classic with fashion. This design can not only show the temperament of a gentleman, but also add personalized features to the clothing. The shirt is made of high-quality fabric, comfortable and breathable, and can show sophistication and elegance in business situations.
Trousers are another key item in the series. They are designed with a slim straight fit, showing the smart image of a male gentleman. The trousers are made of high-quality fabrics that are comfortable and stretchy for a comfortable fit. At the same time, the trousers also pay attention to details, such as carefully selected buttons, zippers, etc., which enhance the overall texture and quality.
The two-piece set can be worn together or separately, increasing the flexibility and diversity of matching. The overall style of this series of clothing is simple and elegant, and the colors are mainly classic black, gray, blue, etc., highlighting the stability and elegance of business formal occasions.

All in all, the plus-size men's business Polo zipper shirt and trousers two-piece clothing series provides plus-size men with a fashionable, comfortable and personalized business wear option through careful design and high-quality production technology.

Please note:

Please choose the right size according to your measurement.

Due to manual measurement, the size may vary by 1.5 inches or 1 inch.